Vinegar Allergy Page.
  "We want this to be the one stop place for people that are allergic to vinegar. "        


Other names for Vinegar are Acetic Acid, Food number 260 or Ethanoic acid

Foods that are usually found with Vinegar in them:

  • Mayonnaise

  • Most Bread Crumbs and Bread which could include Sausage rolls, Sausages, etc

  • Olives, Pickles and most Sun Dried products (eg Greek Salad)

  • Most commercial stocks

  • Lots of sauces, mustard etc

  • Salad Dressings

  • Lots of Curries

  • Some flavourings in packet chips and hot chips, like most Chicken Salt.

  • Commercial Gravies

  • Marzipan

  • Commercial icings

  • Marinades

  • Fruit Cakes

  • Some Pastries

  • Tomato Sauce

  • Fish Batter

  • Some Riccotta Cheese

  • Some Mascarpone 

  • Some Boccioni

  • Hershey's Special Dark chocolate has vinegar in it but not listed in ingredients


  • Some soap on tap

  • We have found 1.25 lt and 2lt Soft Drink bottles that have PET or PETE in the triangle are made with acetic acid (Vinegar) and can leach and make people sick!

  • We have found that many hotels etc polish their cutlery in a water/vinegar solution, so this is another trap to watch out for.


  • Citrus like Lemon and Lime Juice

Still working on this list, so this isn't all food. If you know of one, please email us

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